Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post

Daily Horoscope - 10 Nov 2019, Watch Today's Astrology Prediction for Aries, Taurus & other Signs

Generate positive cash flow. Taurus April May 20 Today is an 8 -- A challenge redirects you. This Full Moon in your sign illuminates a new personal direction. Expand your boundaries. Turn toward an inspiring possibility. Gemini May June 20 Today is a 6 -- Review priorities privately. Meditate on dreams past and future.

Some concerns are well-founded. This Full Moon illuminates a transition. Begin an introspective phase. Patiently navigate a change. Friends come and go with community and group projects. Share appreciations, goodbyes and greetings. Leo July Aug. This Full Moon sparks a career shift. Focus on current passions. Don't reveal unfinished plans. Virgo Aug. The Full Moon illuminates a shift in your educational direction.

Experiment with concepts. Travel expands your view. Learn from a master. Libra Sept. Shift directions with shared finances over the next few weeks. After that, when the Moon entered Taurus, you had no excuse for not turning your inspiration into a materially secure and comfortable form.

Why yes — yes, it did. What will they do in Year 17? Meanwhile, Mercury is digging for more dirt in Scorpio, in a cooperative alignment with Saturn. That was exact early this morning. I know of more than one astrologer who opined that October was a month for concern, as P45 was likely to push boundaries so far that we might be engaged in a military conflict. Not quite, so far…but still…. Sun square Pluto power plays involving heads of state indeed.

The NYT reporters concluded beyond a doubt that Russia was the culprit. In other news, Vladimir Putin is in Saudi Arabia today for the first time in 12 years. Power plays and oil deals : apt for current planetary patterns. Elsewhere, awesome power was on display in the world of sports, especially for women.

Cedar Rapids man flew 53 missions as B-17 crew member in World War II

Pluto refers to purges. These two purges have silver linings — because they were thwarted. Which makes it a good time to invite you to check your voter registration status — and share this link with all your friends. There are many reasons why a voter might purged; one reason is failure to consistently vote. There are elections next month.

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I leave you with another Really Useful Article about finding happiness in interesting times. Or watch this fun sketch from SNL. More on that Full Moon : What is illuminated now is likely to be connected to events that happened around the July 16 lunar eclipse at 24 Capricorn.

We will have further illumination on those events on the January 10 lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer — to be continued on the April 7 Full Moon at 18 Libra. What are we fighting for? Are we championing a noble cause or are we just in it for ego recognition, born of insecurity? Will we inspire the world with our battle cry or will we just throw a temper tantrum and never mind the damaging consequences of our actions? Aries can go either way — big baby or warrior-hero — what will it be? The New York Times continues to deliver its elective coverage in sync with planetary patterns.

Astrology is simply amazing. Meanwhile, Saturn square Sun cuts and controls involving leaders and Pluto square Sun power plays are heavy, heavy, heavy:. Finally, the Good News Network has discovered the key to happiness. Who knew? The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Aquarius , seeking to be appreciated for the social significance of whatever makes it unique — while hanging with other weird birds of the same feather.

Arise, go forth and network, stimulated by the buzz of whatever hits the wires in the wake of the AM ET opposition between Mercury how we need to think and travel and Uranus technology; aviation; innovation; gender-benders. Events that were hot in the second weeks of July and April may be back in the limelight, taken to a new level.

If Today is Your Birthday

Links to headlines from past Sun-Saturn squares may be found here. You are feeling the streamlining pressure more than most if you have planets around 13 — 22 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — or were born around the 5th — 14th of January, April, July or October.

Resistance is futile. There is definitely an upside. Consult your astrologer for details. These stretches of little t0 no planetary action should not be thought of as times when nothing is going on. These apparent lulls are often deceptive. The Turkish invasion was a surprise to Sen. Graham would be feeling provoked today, with Mars squaring his Venus, after Uranus squared his Jupiter two days ago.

The square from Uranus tests your ability to handle your relationship with the system.

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Bear in mind that the pattern driving most of action between now and January is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12th. Time to get real! In other news, we need to keep an eye on October 19th, when Mars will be at 10 Libra , triggering the July 2nd solar eclipse. That will be an especially expansive week for P45, as noted in prior forecasts.

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Mercury in a challenging aspect with Uranus symbolizes humor of the wackiest kind. Joker star Joaquin Phoenix was born with an exact Mercury-Uranus conjunction — one of several patterns in his horoscope that would enable him to step into that particular character. With Pluto squaring Venus last week, life and death matters involving women included. With Mars men, desire, aggression, assertion at the Aries Point and not behaving at its best in Libra last week, naturally a jockstrap had to make news, as Stephen Colbert explains somewhere in these clips.

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Mars on Neptune suggests scandal, deception, idealism, escapism, vision, victimization, drugs, alcohol. And here we are. I did not know that Hunter Biden had struggled with so many Neptune issues…until now. For more on this story, I refer you back to Jennifer Rubin. Last week P45 blamed Rick Perry for making him call the Ukrainian president and ask him to do him a favor in return for US military aid.

But next year, patterns shift. Ending with a couple of uplifting literally headlines reflecting technological innovation Mercury opposing Uranus and Sun square Saturn bones, especially spine :. The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Scorpio , demanding depth, substance, power and control. Notable patterns this week are as follows:.

A medical breakthrough. A last chance at life. And Clothes. His Aquarius Sun is also under the disruptive potential of a square from transiting Uranus. A shake-up between now and early would not be surprising. But we have a birth time for Pitt, so we can clearly see that in his horoscope, an activated Mercury is going to impact his marriage. Yep — a public declaration of a love interest — makes total sense to see that at this time. This is the time to wrap up projects and contemplate your list of intentions for the next cycle. Chill in the wee hours, and then on….

Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post
Todays 18 february birthday horoscope washington post

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