Astrological alignment january 30 2020

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During April and May , the conjunction will be within 3 degrees of exact, before easing off then building to January Using the western tropical zodiac, the conjunction falls in Capricorn, hence the worlds of economics and politics and other Capricornian themes hard reality, organization, limitation, integrity are the focus of a profound transformation. Along with countless other astrologers, I have previously blogged about Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn teaming up with Pluto in is a crucial focus of that process.

As extensively researched and documented by Richard Tarnas:. Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn throughout , exact on 4th April, 30th June and 12th November.

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Unlike Saturn-Pluto, the second conjunction of is potentially much more optimistic and creative, although not without a dark side. At its best, Jupiter-Pluto is all about positive healing and re-generation. It signifies upbeat new beginnings, here likely in relation to the broken Capricornian worlds of economics and politics. Many huge drives for success, improvement and achievement in the pursuit of excellence are likely to be launched at this time.

Taking genuine responsibility is a key theme but a reforming zeal and obsession with power could be problematic. The old may have to be eliminated as organizations and bureaucracies dig deep into their roots, bringing hidden or secret aspects of reality to light. At its best think Gandhi or maybe even Bill Gates, who were born with Jupiter-Pluto this conjunction can sow the seeds for healing the world.

Astrology of Today – Wednesday, January 30th, 12222

The currently scheduled date for the next USA election is 3rd November, immediately followed by the final pass of Jupiter-Pluto. Many western astrologers have had their eye on this one for a long time. The general historic importance of Jupiter-Saturn cycles has long been observed. Since the s, all the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions except a few in the early s have been occurring in the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

Falling in the first degree of Aquarius, an Air sign. The change of conjunctions from Earth to Air indicates moves away from, for example, fossil fuels and materialism. In their place come an emphasis on new ideas, information, technology, equality for all and respecting our environment.

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The decentralized political structures indicated here are very different to the regeneration of corporate power indicated by Jupiter-Pluto above. Perhaps they will combine, or just simply co-exist. Also to Julian Venables for banging on and on! We may have to wait until Pluto enters Aquarius in for the real revolutions. Good luck to all — I think we need it!

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In Uranus exited Aries then there was the lunar eclipse in Cancer and then in Capricorn, then the stellium of soon.

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Hang in there kal, increasingly difficult times for many of us. We can already see how astrology has evolved in recent decades with the advent of computers, the Internet, and social media. But recent developments are only the tip of the iceberg. Hold onto your hats; the astrology of the future might change everything you thought you knew. It all begins with the 2nd pre natal eclipse Saros return, the family of eclipses we were born into, together with our 3rd Jupiter return in our 36th year.

Through these significant astro passages, we begin the transition of setting ourselves up for our true calling and purpose, as the shifts and changes ramp up with the once in a lifetime transits of the outer planets. The Neptune square, overlapped with the Uranus opposition and the first Pluto square happening somewhere in-between.

All this then finishes up with a confirming Saturn opposition.

In this session we explore how to find the gold, or guide others to find the gold, through these significant mid-life transits. Evolutionary Astrology busted that ancient paradigm, by introducing specific interpretive methodologies that represent a radical departure from the typical astrological view.

Patricia will walk you through some of the unique rules and illustrate their meaning with actual case studies from past life regressions, such as when a planet squares the nodal axis, rulers of the nodes, planets aspecting the nodal axis and more. The question arises, what comes before the beginning?

We will explore the deep meaning of the Ascendant sign from a holistic perspective, realizing the interconnectedness between the Ascendant and other houses.


Aries is a sign that relates to the archetype of Mars, the action principle and the God of War. What will that mean for the world in general and for you personally? How can the Great Healer we know as Chiron be of inspiration to us in this time and what is it here to tell us? The new paradigm of the emerging feminine seeks to embody, feel, and move more than analyze abstract concepts.

Bring some loose clothes, costumes, masks, makeup and more to dance the planets through the elements if not each one of the signs! In this class we will explore how to stay grounded in both. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them. While unhealed wounds from the past can hold us back on our life journey, there are also deep resources to be reclaimed, that, by bringing them to the light of consciousness, can catapult us beyond present life difficulties.

Kaypacha will discuss the impact of these changes from an astrological perspective and offer techniques to balance this masculine, abstract, mental bombardment with our feminine, heart presence. Through ritual, guided meditation and breathwork this is the perfect ritual to ground the experience of metamorphosis and integrate it into the psyche with love, honor and devotion. Surrendering means trusting that life is inherently good and that truth will set us free. But how can this be accomplished if we are still informed by our sub-conscious patterns, the past and cherished illusions?

Join Sol for a deep journey into Neptune as it struggles to keep it real while trying to talk to the other planets. What do you need to truly take care of yourself? We will explore the nature of the Moon through the twelve zodiac signs, how the moon can be used to track our own personal cycles as well as how to experience astrology through a direct personal and emotional connection.

The Sun does not rise in Aries on March 21st Spring day of the North despite this point marking the beginning of the zodiac in our chart. There are three different zodiacs: The Tropical which we are most familiar with at this conference , the Sidereal used more prominently by Vedic astrologers, and the Constellational which is Astronomy based.

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Currently, many astrologers are attaching great significance to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, However, we need to understand this astrological event is part of a larger wave that culminates in an energetic shift from Capricorn to Aquarius, along with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius on the Winter Solstice of Every moment is a divine expression of perfect alignment. Like a brilliant and complex composition, the song of life reflects every possible nuance of emotion and mood ever known and unknown.

Your chart is the song of the cosmos, and when we are awake, we live our chart as a vibrant living song with infinite harmonies and influctions. In this experiential class we will sing our own songs! As a group we will channel melodies and write the poetry of a few volunteers and their natal charts as well as open to doors for each of us to compose our very own personal song.

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  • Ari Moshe will facilitate this journey with astrological interpretation and teaching along with his inspired song muse.

    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020
    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020
    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020
    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020
    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020
    astrological alignment january 30 2020 Astrological alignment january 30 2020

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