Full moon february 3 astrology

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A little adventurousness could serve us well during this time. We also benefit from studying, reading, travelling and consulting archetypal systems such as the tarot and astrology. Sometimes it helps to distance ourselves from what we are looking at to ensure we have the correct perspective.

FULL MOON in Leo February 3rd 2015~

Whilst Aquarius is associated with being cool and detached, this Moon has extra emotional kick given that Mars is heading towards a conjunction with modern Aquarius ruler Uranus. Old Aquarius ruler Saturn too has just entered a dance with intense Pluto. It feels like there is an urgent desire to complete a task or change in our lives because we know that there is heavy work ahead and we need to be prepared.

Some of us could feel out of our depth, afraid of rejection or just tired of treading water. That way we can tap into the best this chart has to offer. We need to make big decisions with confidence and have the commitment to carry them forward. Sometimes, the people who are most successful are the ones who think outside of the box, yet they also know how to play the system to their advantage. The big businessman reminds us that the buck stops here. Keep your cool. Moon Phases.

Transits — Uranus conjunct Natal Mercury August 17, Nodes transiting Nodes November 12, Asteroid Angel June 6, Understanding and Recognising Synchronicity August 3, But they can also fail spectacularly too so they need to plan carefully.

Rising Sign:

If we look at how cats hunt we get an idea. They slowly creep up on their prey or project.

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It looks like nothing is happening for ages and then boom, suddenly they are there, shocking, carnal, with saucer black eyes high from the adrenalin blood rush. Their instincts take over and congeniality goes out the window.

Next Week:

This may get quite vulgar and uncouth even, but they are forgiven. These cats have big generous hearts, and their unashamed pride, openness and honesty are refreshing. Now how does all that blood-and-guts fair in sophisticated Virgo now that Regulus has precessed into this sign?


In the Regulus post, I go into detail what this shift might mean. Conversely, however, those with a weak sense of self are also those that suffer from narcissistic personality disorders And other related Dark triad traits.

Full Moon February – Freedom! – Astrology King

See Ceres post. Without strong sovereignty, service-to-others can become co-dependancy and pathological altruism! Does this mean Regulus into Virgo leaves us with a feminised, impotent neuter cat? Certainly not! A positive transition of Regulus into Virgo should hopefully give us a Hieros Gamos, the inner marriage within ourselves. The tarot card associated with this full moon February is the 8 of pentacles. This is a card of commitment and craftsmanship.

Karmically this will be a life where one pays a lot of attention to detail and completing tasks.

Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222

Education and scholarships are important and it is about giving something back. Make sure you remember to go home regularly and make some time for fun and social activities. The type of person you are leaves you exposed and vulnerable to becoming a workaholic. If you let this happen, then it may very well destroy your lovely relationship. You must work hard at striking the right balance.

This life you can have both you know! At this time the worlds self-assured rebels take to the stage. Those touched by this full moon have the opportunity to bring to fruition; personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish behaviour presented, the more the public seems to lap it up. The trine is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect. At this Full Moon february again we get to experience the concentrated energy of Regulus in Virgo.

Since then, I have been studying narcissistic abuse and its connection with the Persephone archetype which is also associated with Virgo the maiden. The imagery for the first face of Virgo mentions the pomegranate which fits with Virgo as Persephone perfectly. The trine from Uranus will help any Persephones that have been groomed into to self-sacrifice, to rebel against their captors. The psychological bullying from the elites through their puppet press-meisters is also being revealed in instances recently where they went too far. I have yet to make a YouTube video about these two examples but they are ones that absolutely threw me in their audacity.

The first one was the death threats to the teenage Catholic boy who decided he wanted to set a boundary to a guy who was banging a drum in his face.

What Does This New Moon in Gemini Mean?

Just think for a moment, what if the roles were reversed? Anyway, we are certainly getting the negative side of Regulus in Virgo which it seems is attempting to castrate straight European men, and by extension, kill birth rates in the west. Which are bad enough as it is! I also, as an albeit lapsed Catholic myself, I have to make a comment on the amount of abuse that is being hurled at Christians these days.

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It seems Christianity got the short straw when it comes to the religious tolerance that is shown to all other religions by the mass media. Plenty of Jesus cartoons out there… Regulus in Virgo might put an end to the guilt and shame that has been groomed into Christians since the day they were born. What other religion has to put up with that shite? Religious families tend to be bigger, more united and generally more self-sufficient. As with the previous new moon, the spiritual Saturn sextile Neptune aspect is triggered again, very beautifully this time. Mercury with Neptune on Achernar and Ankaa.

Achernar brings success in ecclesiastical matters and Ankaa is the phoenix from the flames. In other words the resurrection of Persephone from her enslavement in the underworld. On the other side, Venus is conjunct Saturn on Vega which gives resilience and a shield against attack. Setting boundaries with love!

Maybe at this Full Moon february will see reform within Christianity. Apparently, Christian-inspired paganism and spiritual practices that invoke the ancestors and connect to the land are the fastest growing religions in the west. Why is Paganism booming in Europe and beyond?

cecpblocunedip.tk As Isis did Empowerment: I am as courageous as a lioness Fits with the brave star Regulus Physical benefits: Can aid female fertility, IVF and artificial semination, PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, kidneys, colds, blood disorders, heart palpitations, recovery after illness, surgery, accident or trauma. It is a happy and sharing stone, integrating the parts of our communal lives, bringing things and people together. It is a stone of physical pleasure and intimacy. In lighter shades, Orange Carnelian promotes companionship and affection, while the darker crystals deepen the sense of belonging and home.

full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
full moon february 3 astrology Full moon february 3 astrology
Full moon february 3 astrology

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