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So that you can move forward with clarity and consciousness. Learn More. Free Astrology Mini-Course New to astrology? Learn the essential language of the stars. Get Instant Access! Hear all about this and more by clicking the large link above, or go to ThisWeekInAstrology. I love it when you subscribe through iTunes! It features my forecast, enlightening articles on astrology and spirituality, and much more! Visit our FREE show archive -- an astrological education awaits you! Very empowering! Rank 1: The full moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27, is shifting our worlds.

Let those rock tumbling moments polish you up. The lunar Eclipse and the Full moon are powerfully aspected indicating major game changing events are occurring all around us. Such is the power of the Eclipse portal. It's only hard when you won't let go.

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Trust and courage and discipline are necessary to be with what is bubbling up from within you now. Slates are being cleared. We are leveling up. You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere!

Please be sure to leave us a review as well! Rank 2: Change is imminent. For the next two weeks we enter the portal of pivotal times. This is your chance to drop the story, to get out of a rut and create new grooves. Look to the area of your charts highlighted by Cancer and Capricorn.

Stoic Saturn and intense Pluto and the South Node are travelling together towards the great conjunction of New Moons are reset points. A chance again to clarify your purpose and direction. A most important opportunity to set your intentions. This is powerful energy. A chance to tap into our deep history and ancestral lineage.

If we can understand what we are carrying we can set it down. Tune in to find out more about this week's astro climate, tarot cards, and animal ambassador We also gab about all things Leo and share some tips for setting intentions with your heart! The topic was motivated by Chris recently finishing a translation of a chapter on the significations of the planets from the 2nd century astrologer Vettius […]. This talk was presented on Wednesday, November 18, as an evening webinar for the Nightlight Astrology group organized by Adam Elenbaas.

When Adam invited me to give a […]. Astrological Detective no.

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GehrzAlso available on iTunes. Visit the Portland School of Astrology at www. Mary English Astrologer Blog Updated 1 day ago. Read more. Share this podcast:. Vast and reliable information that doesn't overwhelm listeners.

SOTA 25 September 2018

I've been listening to this podcast for a couple days but am already on episode 62 because I love it so much. Mary provides an immense amount of basic astrology information and does this in a way that does not overwhelm the readers. It is easy and enjoyable to gain an understanding of astrology through this relaxing podcast. Her level of expertise and experience is evident in each of the episodes and she provides insights into the field of astrology that other podcasts would overlook.

I highly recommend this podcast to those who are curious or confused about astrology! You have this incredible ability to grasp the exact concept, thought and feeling I was trying to express! You do that through a computer with someone across the world!

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Someone with a different culture and through the barrier of language too. Best Episodes All Episodes. Warning: This podcast is a series podcast. Rank 1: Episode She was taught T. M by David Lynch see article and charts below M practice: Pluto transiting conjunct natal Neptune Neptune transiting opposition natal Pluto. Jul 07 This week I am discussing two charts: 'Julie' and Salvador Dali. Come back to the podcast at 19 mins Julie's natal chart: Leo Ascendant, Sun Aquarius in the 7th, Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th The transits are shown in green on the outside of the circle May 11 Rank 3: Episode Fifty One.

Live webinar that explains the present Neptune transit and how it is affecting Pisces People. Dec 10 Rank 4: Episode Fifty. Info mentioned in the podcast. Dec 03 Rank 5: Episode One. Oct 20 Rank 6: Episode Sixty One. We need to understand each sign of the Zodiac, not just our own sign. Feb 18 Rank 7: Episode Thirty Four.

Oct 21 Rank 8: Episode Feb 10 Rank 9: Episode This week I'm working with an interesting question sent by Ben. Feb 24 Rank Episode This week I am discussing the core of my professional business: relationships. Here is her ex chap's chart and transits. The bloke she has met briefly Her ex who she is now back with, they've been together for 13 years.

Apr 21 Rank Episode Fifty Five. This week we're doing a bit more about the 7th and 5th houses and attitude to relationships.

Jan 07 Begin with intentions. Be dedicated.

Nightlight astrology blog
Nightlight astrology blog
Nightlight astrology blog
Nightlight astrology blog
Nightlight astrology blog

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