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In terms of solar years this would amount to days, whereas, using the days years, this amounts to days. This number has resemblance to the smallest of the four yugas, kaliyuga that lasts for years, the next three, dwapar, treta and krita being twice, thrice and four times as long as kali.

The total of these four yugas comes to be years, whereas, one kalpa is years. It is interesting to see the recurrence of the exponents of Though, I may add that this numeric 'coincidence' is hardly proof of the day year being the correct one for vimshottari dasha! There is a popular ready-reckoner which is used in calculating bhuktis in a dasha. Multiply the number of dasha years assigned to the dasha lord with the dasha years assigned to the bhukti lord. Take the right most digit of the product and multiply it by 3, call that the number of days in the bhukti, take the remaining digits to the left the more significant digits in computer parlance!

This system works only if you consider the months as being 30 days long, each. If not, one must convert the months into days and add to the calculated days to get the solar year equivalent from there. The bhukti of mars in the dasha of sun, therefore, is 4 months and 6 days long, or of days in duration.

If one looks up most published vimshottari dasha tables in ephemeris and texts, the authors of which have been brave enough to place these tables, would readily see that implicitly, the day year has been favoured by most. This is not proof, per se, of vimshottari dasha working best with the day year, certainly!

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Nor is the rather 'bold' statement in Usha-Shashi's Hindu Astrological Calculations, , page , "A [dasha] year consists of 12 months of 30 days each", and refers to art. There are very good jyotishis, who use different kinds of ayanamshas and dasha years and come up with very good analyses and predictions. The controversy is definitely not over. Take a few dozens or so charts with clearly defined events, such as marriage date, child-birth, a significant promotion or acquisition of a job, etc.

So, despite many attempts, why has this not been done over the decades that this controversy has existed? The difficulty arises from the fact that there is not a set way of determining the 'readings'! Often, tremendous amounts of interpretational overlaps are observed when viewing these charts! The fewer rules or indicators one takes into account, the simpler and more clear-cut the decision appears!

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The situation is somewhat like scanning a photograph using an 8-bit depth vs a 30 bit depth! The former is more cut and dry with sharp areas of demarcation, but does it give an image that is more realistic than the bit scanned one? In this, Aries or mesha is considered as the first house, Taurus as the second and so on. Whole signs are used for each house. It has implications in medical astrology, such as a malefic in Aries pointing towards a problem in the head region, one in Pisces leading to trouble in the feet, and so on.


Many other applications, particularly in conjunction with significators or karakas exist for this scheme. I sometimes wonder why the zodiac is believed to begin with Aries? To some extent it might be one of the many axiomatic truths used in astrology or perhaps there could be some room for thinking. Some tropicalists have wondered if it has to do with Spring and the beginning of life, theme, but that is only true for the Northern hemisphere.

If we are talking of something as global if not universal as the Kaal-purush's horoscope, it must at least accommodate the two hemispheres of our world, I think. If that is the case then symmetrical distribution of signs around the lunisolar centre would mean that the zodiac should begin and end with the signs of Saturn Aquarius, Pisces, Aries Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn to capture the order of orbits in the solar system.

If equinoctial point or ayanamsha first point of tropical Aries and seasons is to be the driving factor, then Pisces would be the starting sign because that is where the current point is I am not comfortable with this concept of shifting beginning-points, but that could be a personal bias. I am not certain if Dr.

Frawley's classification is based on scriptural evidence, deductive, inductive or experiential. Or is Aries chosen as the initial point in the circle of zodiac which begs the question; Can a circle have a beginning? Aries would therefore serve as the logically suitable point for representing the beginning of life. In the current system with kanya and tula forming such a centre, one gets a sense of refinement and balance being the key driving factor.

With reason developed to near perfection Virgo and emotions refined to their highest Libra so that a fine-balance is created between reason and emotions, humans can view things with a calm mind that is not furiously looking for one or another way of defining the basis of creation and all the 'reality' that surrounds.

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From such a refined and calm mind only products of the finest quality can ensue. In the current system, both Aries and Pisces represent the extremes of imbalance or polarity. Caveat: Please do not interpret the above to mean that we see such polarized extremeness of traits in all those who have a strong presence of Arian or Piscean influences in their charts. In a horoscope, there are many factors that shape and modify each other.

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kaal purush astrology Kaal purush astrology
kaal purush astrology Kaal purush astrology
kaal purush astrology Kaal purush astrology
kaal purush astrology Kaal purush astrology
kaal purush astrology Kaal purush astrology

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